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4-H’ers experience the day-to-day functioning of state government by assuming the roles of state representatives and senators.

Junior 4-H Camp is for youth who have completed grades 4-6. This five-day resident camp is available at three 4-H Centers (Columbia, Crossville, and Greeneville) and offers excellent youth programming. Activities may include swimming, shooting sports, group sports and recreation, fishing, nature hikes, leathercraft, woodworking, T-shirt airbrushing, skits, music, and more.  For more information on 4-H Centers, see Tennessee 4-H Camp.

4-H Jr. High Adventure Camp is for older youth who have completed grades 6-8. This resident camp is available at three 4-H Centers (Columbia, Crossville, and Greeneville) and offers adventure-type and active-engaged programming, with an emphasis on individual development and group dynamics through special interest groups and team challenges. Activities may include fishing, nature hikes, canoeing, swimming, shooting sports, T-shirt airbrushing, survivor challenges, and more. 

Junior High Academic Conference is an educational program on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Participants receive intensive training in their 4-H project areas under the supervision of university scientists and specialists, and explore related career opportunities. The conference provides a variety of rewarding and fun-filled experiences in classroom, outdoor and laboratory settings.  For more information, please visit the Academic Conference Web site.

4-H Electric Camp is a fun-filled, rewarding adventure in electricity at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. At camp, you will learn what electricity is and how it works. You will work with electrical specialists from across the state in learning centers. Each learning center will consist of hands-on activities so that you can learn by doing. You will also have the chance to meet other 4-H’ers from across Tennessee and explore careers in energy, electricity and basic sciences. Each camper will receive a certificate, a T-shirt and items that you have made at camp.

4-H Target Smart Camp is a program of Tennessee 4-H Shooting Sports. It is for youth who are enrolled in grades 5-9 on January 1 of the current calendar year. This resident camp is located at the W.P. Ridley 4-H Center in Columbia, Tennessee. At camp youth learn appropriate skills to succeed in a variety of shooting sports and related areas such as archery, riflery, shotgun use, muzzleloading, and outdoor skills. Programs emphasize safety, correct form, and responsible use. Campers should receive prior training before attending this camp.

How would you like to spend 3 days creating neat design projects, meeting new friends, and just having fun? If designing things interest you, there are regional camps you would love! These camps offer an exciting chance to learn all about design projects. It’s great! It’s fun!There are no boring lectures! Instead, there are trips and discovery activities which make learning fun. Due to space restrictions, registration is limited. Class size is small to ensure individual attention and completion of all projects. Participants will be accepted on a first come basis.

A yearly event that recognizes the outstanding project work and leadership accomplishments of senior 4-H members.

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We know camp can be expensive, but we have a solution for you! This program is starting its first year in Benton County. Our Suckers for Camp program is going to be a great opportunity for these kids to help pay their camp cost.

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Camp Information

4-H Congress​9th – 10th Graders​March 19-22, 2023​Murfreesboro / Nashville$325
​O.W.L.S. Conference​6th – 12th GradersMay 30-June 2, 2023​Brandon Springs, Stewart Coutny$190
​State 4-H Academic Conference​6th – 8th GradersJune 13-16, 2023​UT KnoxvilleTBA
​4-H Electric Camp​6th & 7th GradeJune 26-29, 2023​UT KnoxvilleTBA
Junior 4-H Camp​4th – 6th GradersJuly 10-14, 2023​W.P. Ridley 4-H Center, Columbia, TN$325
​Junior High Adventure Camp​6th – 8th GradersJune 26-30, 2023​W.P. Ridley 4-H Center, Columbia, TN$330
​Shooting Sports Camp​5th – 9th GradersTBA​W.P. Ridley 4-H Center, Columbia, TNTBA
​Line and Design Camp6th – 12th GradersJuly 10-12, 2023​UT Martin$130
TN 4-H Round-Up and All Star Conference​9th – 12th GradersMarch 10-11, 2023​TBATBA